The Poetry of Loss

There is no roadmap through grief.  I find peace through writing after the recent passing of my father.  Here are two poems…



I heard the earth sigh

Above the splash of tears

His spirit slipped away quietly

It’s shell worn from years of living

It was lifted by the cadence of prayer

Then finally free

He ascended

Into the arms of angels

And as we mourned him by his bedside

The heavens welcomed his spirit

Unencumbered by flesh

Finding peace among the stars

Forever in our hearts.



Like a strong wave of the sea

My face hit bottom

My cheek scraping the coarse sand

I stood up and was knocked down

Over and over again

Until I released to the ocean’s power

And washed up spent upon the shore.



5 thoughts on “The Poetry of Loss

    1. Oh, thank you so much. This was such an intensely personal experience but at the same time I felt the need to share with others. I do so love your blog. A dog lover myself, I can feel their freedom & joy in your photos and words.

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      1. You are very welcome Alanna, your poems are so true and from the heart. So good to hear you enjoy the freedom and joy dogs can bring and how we can help them too – there are so many in the shelters through no fault of their own :o) xxx

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