Temporary- A Veteran Remembered

Dad Air Force
Bruce Pass, US Air Force circa 1943

I never thought too much about Veteran’s Day until this year in the aftermath of my father’s passing.  Dad was a proud WW ll veteran.  He would usually leave the house wearing his Air Force commemorative cap with lots of shiny pins on it.  How temporary life is.

This one’s for you, Dad….

Dad, Air Force Squadron
Bruce Pass (far left) with B-52 squadron







A Veteran Remembered

What was it like?

I should have asked

You tucked in the tail of a B-17 bomber

A machine gun your only company

Flying in formation at night

Above the restless waters of the Pacific

And foreign lands

Not knowing what the dark skies would bring


What was it like?

Were you cold and scared?

Or were you in your element

Leather flight jacket and helmet

secure about your 19-year-old body

Cigarette dangling from your mouth

as the behemoth plane droned on


What was it like?

In a time when the enemy was clearly defined

Outside our borders

When the people of our nation

Were woven as one in common purpose

Instead of divided

A time that seems so distant now


What was it like?

I should have asked

But you are gone now

Your temporary Earth pass expired

As with your memories

Still, I know it was the adventure of your life

The coming of age of a young man

A time of purpose & camaraderie

In the service of the United States Air Force

World War ll


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