Generation Gap

pokemon-1553995_1920I am a retired middle school science teacher.  Besides writing & making art, I substitute teach to augment my income and to keep a toe back in the pond of education and the world of kids.  Mostly I work in high schools now.  The students are out of puberty and are generally easier to manage.  Lately, I have been getting increasingly sad and discouraged about students increasing addiction to their smartphones.  Add to that, there is the total lack of boundaries of cell phone use from faculty and school administrations.  I fear for the next generation…  I wrote this poem after a particularly trying day this week.


Take Your Earbuds Out

I am talking to you

Let me see your eyes

I am a human

Trying to connect with you

Another human

Look up from your








Turn it over

Turn it off

Think, ponder

Be something more than an open receptacle

For mind-numbing content

That someone else pours into your brain

now trained to sit, stay, obey


Take your earbuds out

Look up, listen to the wind

And marvel at the wild geese in formation

Flying overhead



2 thoughts on “Generation Gap

  1. I share your concern, so beautifully shared in the words of your poem. If only the children, or rather their parents, knew exactly how important it is for kids’ development to be busy, physically, and especially so outdoors, whenever possible.

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