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 You don’t think you ever are going to run out of excuses or time but all of a sudden you do.  The only excuses left are your own fears, distractions, and disorganization.  As I enter year three in retirement I recently did a bit of calculating.  At 64 I have maybe 20 good years left if cancer, dementia, or a stroke doesn’t take me out first.  So asked myself, “what is my finale?”  Mine is a simple answer- I want to do art and write (with a bit of travel for spice).

sea-3215621_1920That being said I’ve decided to “throw overboard” stuff that doesn’t serve my end game. I want to make sure I never again have to do production ceramics so I sold my big kiln last week.  My beautiful Gibson guitar hasn’t been seriously played since my early 20s.  At this point it just makes me feel guilty.  I will put in the hands of someone who will make beautiful music with it.  I realized that my time for any more fly in river trips in Alaska is over so my collapsible kayak goes for sale soon. Last weekend we had people dig up our blueberry patch for free since we really didn’t have time or energy maintain it.  My business “Artisan Airplants” is slowly being dismantled.compass-1437379_1280

I’ve begun a more committed practice for creative endeavors and I am seeing results in both tangible and emotional form.  It’s a powerful shift.  With any new journey, it’s both exhilarating and frightening at the same time.  Still, with a lightened load, my steps are quickened.  I am looking ahead and will not look back.


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7 thoughts on “Throwing Stuff Overboard

  1. Good for you! I am still only in the contemplating stage, trying to figure out how I want my retirement years to look and hoping for the best; that health doesn’t throw a wrench into it.

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  2. This is sooo inspiring to read – it’s interesting to read how your interests are changing. I suspect, this will also happen to me at some point. Right now, it’s all about adventure travel and doing physical things while I still can. I look forward to seeing what the net 20 years bring….kind of fun to think about it. Cheers to you Alanna, for focusing on a different set of priorities :-).

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    1. Hey Fast Pam! Judging from your bio we are kindred spirits. I am so fortunate that I have no regrets from my youth. I went for it and had fabulous physical adventures. Now with an older body and a changing perspective that comes with age, there are new adventures to be enjoyed with the inner landscape. Just keep on going and live it now!


  3. I so understand what you are saying. Taking stock and setting out a course. Hard work and yet essential I think at our time of life (Me being in a similar age range). I have been much happier since I focused on what I want to be doing and let go of the things that did not fit (a process still going on). I applaud you.

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