Home is Where My Art is

When I am being creative I feel I am in my place in the world.  Be it writing a poem, printmaking, painting, or creating something out of clay that’s when I feel the most “in my skin” no matter where I am at.  This is my upstairs studio in my farmhouse in rural Oregon.IMG_0524.jpg



Place in the World

6 thoughts on “Home is Where My Art is

  1. Alanna I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your blog. I’m a retired school teacher as well and in my first year of retirement I’m still trying to find my way. One thing that I enjoy doing is making art and I’m always looking for inspiration. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your art projects. Carol

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    1. Hi Carol, Thanks so much for connecting with me. I am in year 3 of retirement and getting it finally figured out! It has taken me this long to find focus and unwind from a really demanding job. A big goal for my blog is to share with others what I’ve learned on the creative path so stay tuned in. May I also suggest following Claudia McGill, https://claudiamcgillart.wordpress.com/and get the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. Both have been inspiring to me. Best Wishes…Alanna

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