Breaking Up is Hard to Do

WordPress canceling the Weekly Photo Challenge is similar to a relationship ending with a text message.  When I began blogging 1 1/2 years ago, the WPC provided a comforting structure.  Every week I knew I could contribute something and connect with others.  What fun it has been peeking into other bloggers lives with their photo interpretations of the prompt.  I gained followers and I have followed others through the WPC.

Now without warning, reasons, or input, WordPress is eliminating this forum as well as the Daily Prompt.  They say the community is still there but it’s akin to closing down the coffee shop where everybody meets.  It’s the soul of WordPress.  Since blogging is about voice, I am going to speak my mind to the powers above.  I hope you will join me to encourage a return to the WPC.  In the meantime…here are a few favorites from my travels that I posted in the past.

Running loose in Ireland
Pointing the way on the Camino De’Santiago

13 Dog on motorcycle in Paris    Life is Golden- Paris

Parisian Dog 2013
Sunbathing in Paris

All-Time Favorites

10 thoughts on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Well said, well spoken … the other half of communication is in listening. Let’s hope WordPress listen to the eloquent pleas of so many. I love your selection, particularly that blissful dog at the end!

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  2. I agree – their decision to close down the ‘shop’ was poorly communicated and dictatorial. Unfortunately, it is how WordPress does things, and has always done things.

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  3. Yes, you speak for many of us who feel betrayed by the folks at WP. I participate in Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Challenge and I’m going to try Nancy Merrill’s Weekly Challenge. Would love to hear about additional challenges that others come across. Really enjoyed your favorite photos.

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