The Art of the Creative Blahs

thermometer-398735_1920It’s another hot smokey summer in Oregon.  It appears that temperatures of 90 and above and forest fires are the new normal.  Summer used to be my favorite season here but now that the jet stream has settled further south, spring and fall will get my vote.  Then air quality has been so poor you really don’t want to be outside doing much.

Motivation has been difficult.  My studio does not have air conditioning.  If I don’t get work done first thing in the morning, it doesn’t get done.  I think I’m getting summer cabin fever.  Who knew there was such a thing?

Rather than just push through it, my usual MO, maybe I should learn to roll with it and make this season the one to read, watch movies, and write more?  Maybe this is a good time to relax my expectations and go with the flow….


I’m in it now

An occasional place

Contained, devoid of mental challenge

But really quite comfortable

And very safe

Two high continuous walls open to the sky

A plush armchair and couch

A computer, smartphone, and TV with Netflix

Plenty of food

There is a hanging ladder dropping from one wall

(if I cared to get out)

I poke my head over the edge now and again

Sometimes venturing back into the Danger Zone

But it’s risky business

And I scuttle back preferring, at least for now

The cozy familiarity

Of my own private rut.




I should wake up earlier

Be more organized

Quit wasting time

Write more

Be more creative

Be more focused

Call my mother more

Build my bone density

Take a yoga class

Drink less caffeine

Eat more greens

Organize my sock drawer

Clean out the kitchen cabinets

Call my congress people

Pick berries

Make jam

weed the garden



I should stop shoulding on my self

I should quit using the word SHOULD

I should get out of bed now


6 thoughts on “The Art of the Creative Blahs

  1. I know what you’re going through. I used to think of summer as the time I could just go outside and do whatever. No more. Hope you find more things to do inside until the smoke goes away.

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  2. I enjoyed both of these poems, Alanna. “Should” expresses what I feel often. It was so appropriate to end your list of chores with ‘meditate’. That activity sort of washes the slate clean. This post is a very pleasant read.

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    1. Thanks for the comment LuAnne. That was just a small list of my shoulds. I have been mindful this week of how I “should on myself” so much, allowing opportunities for joy to slip by me. Funny how rest and joy can often escape our “to do list”.

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  3. We’ve had a warmer than usually month and lots of smoke too! I’m not thinking it is a new normal, though! I’m old enough to have seen more than a few cycles of warm, dry summers and really wet, cool summers! My dad, who is 92, puts it into perspective for me too. There was a reason they called it the Dust Bowl of the Dirty Thirties!
    You are sure right about altering daily plans! I get up early, do the strenuous tasks before lunch, relax in the afternoon, and pick up the pace again after supper when it starts to cool down again.


    1. There’s been such a marked change in our weather in my 30+ years in Oregon. But it is what it is and I’m learning to be more of an early riser. Our heat wave broke yesterday and I actually got to wear a sweatshirt. Thanks for reading and stay cool!


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