Studio Notes 11/5/2018

writing-828911_1920From my writing desk….

My second piece of prose “Bull’s Eye” was published recently by “Montana Mouthful” a literary magazine out of Missoula Montana.  This was in their latest“Haunted” issue on page 15.  They also were the publisher of my first prose piece “Looking for Abraham” back in their August Secrets issue on page 29.  Both were blind submissions so I guess got lucky!  In both cases, having a submission deadline got me focused and finished– even though my inner critic was whispering “not good enough.”  I’m so glad I followed Natalie Goldberg’s advice “Let others be the judge of your work”.

IMG_0315From the art studio…

I was accepted in September for the emerging printmaker residency program through Print Arts Northwest (PAN).  For a year I will have monthly seminars, mentoring, studio access and discounts on printmaking classes.

This will enable me to expand as an artist and move to a printing press.  Chiefly I work on a gelatin plate at home that limits my image area to 8 x 10.”  I’m looking forward to being involved with a community of printmakers.  Here are some of my recent mixed media prints….

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From the Music Department….40401429_1888497791198499_407333225178857472_o

I sing alto in the McMinnville Women’s Choir.  We are busy practicing for our holiday concert in early Dec.  It is such a joy to sing with such a fabulous community of women.

IMG_1582My bodhran (Irish drum) is not getting as much attention lately as my new tenor guitar (Four strings and a different tuning and sound than a regular guitar).  I start lessons tomorrow!  I have gotten some questioning looks having told my friends of yet a new adventure in my mid-60s.  I don’t expect to be an expert. It’s all about the excitement of learning and having fun in the process.3

9 thoughts on “Studio Notes 11/5/2018

  1. That is so cool – ALL of it! The writing the publishing the printmaking the residency the singing the drumming…and your tenor guitar. You’re glowing in that photo.

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    1. Thanks Pierr! I have to confess that I have a very loud inner critic who happened to be very vocal the last few days. It really helped me to write out this blog post to remind myself that life is good!

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      1. Oo yeah…that inner critic. I’m glad you wrote this too because it’s inspirational to hear about the good things, how you persevere with the things you love to do.

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