'11 Ray 'n A kayakIt was unlikely that we’d find each other- a big man that pumps concrete connecting with an artsy middle school science teacher, but we did.

We were to celebrate 19 years of being together as “spousal equivalents” by spending two nights at the Cannery Pier Hotel that juts out into the Columbia River in Astoria Oregon.  Massages were on the books.  I’d always wanted to stay there and have a romantic getaway. There we would lounge around in a lovely room while sipping glasses of wine watching tug boats maneuver barges and huge cargo ships up and down the Columbia cannery-pier-hotel-day

As luck would have it, our 14-year-old Golden Retriever, Dougan was on his last legs, IMG_0400and Lizzy our adorable little feral cat that adopted us, disappeared and returned quite ill.  We were hardly in the mood to celebrate so we canceled. No matter- we enjoy our days together.  Another time IMG_1869awaits.

I decided that 19 would trump 20 as a big milestone.  It’s a prime number that hardly gets any recognition being overshadowed by its next-door neighbor, 20.  I find comfort celebrating the obscure, including feral cats and second-hand dogs.

Both of us had been married before, twice each.  This time we decided to shed all expectations creating a framework that worked for both of us.  We lived apart for the first 8 years raising our own kids.  No use complicating things.  We have been cohabitating since.  Our hearts bind us rather than a piece of paper.  The foundation of our relationship is built on mutual respect- which we both work on.

Bath TimeBeyond all the other complexities of life, the chance to be loved and loved back by other humans (and furry four-legged) is where it’s at.  You don’t have much without loving relationships.  Lucky me.  Lucky us

The hotel will still be there.  When the time is right eventually we will get to watch the tug boats guiding their ships on the mighty Columbia River.


Sole Mates

We were like two broken in shoes

Looking for mates

Among a jumble of other used shoes

On a crowded thrift store shelf


Both comfortable

Not dressy

soft soles

Suitable for wear over rough terrain


We recognized in each

A style that matched

Both of us a good fit for each other

Ready to walk together

Until completely worn out






7 thoughts on “#19

  1. Such a sweet post, Alanna. I can (fortunately) so relate. I may give this poem to my soul/sole mate on our next anniversary which will 31 for us. We had a chance to celebrate our anniversary this year, a feat that we hadn’t accomplished since our 15th. We married two days after Christmas so things always seemed to get in the way. But we did have a great time this year. I wore my mother’s wedding pearls because the 30th theme is ‘pearls’. I’d never done that before. So happy anniversary and I love your ideas on the significance of 19.

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    1. I would be so honored if you shared my poem with your sole/soulmate LuAnne. It’s a big accomplishment to maintain long term loving relationships. Congratulations on 30 years! BTW….31 is also a great number to celebrate!!

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