A Walk Through Scotland With Friends


In the company of friends

And the rhythm of sticks

I spy a blue fly on green fern

Sheep grazing in the distance

Tufts of wool dangling from fences

Bluebells line the path with yellow anenome,

Purple geranium, wild rose, ferns

and blossoms of which I have no name

Rain falls from heavy clouds

White water spills over the faces of dark rocks

Into bubbling pools

The land begs verse

We end each day foot weary but filled

Seeing more by seeing less

We end each day bedding at inns in quaint towns

Savoring warm bowls of soup

And cups of hot tea

2 thoughts on “A Walk Through Scotland With Friends

  1. This is my kind of hiking. I would probably drive my friends crazy because I would be stopping so often to take photos. I also love the idea of taking classes for the bodhran. I bought one the first time I was in Ireland from a bodhran maker but unfortunately over the years the skin started coming away from the frame.

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    1. Do you put both on your bucket list! We had sort of a group agreement on this walk to just poke around and take our time as opposed to the power walks of our younger selves. As for the bodhran, come to Craiceann!Ive been pleasantly surprised by the number of women my age or older ( some in their 70s) here for the week. They have classes for total beginners. You can even buy a nice drum here. Carpe diem!

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