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frog-1037251_1280Usually I don’t read the monthly National Resources Defense Council newsletter “The Voice.”  You know..the too busy thing, don’t want to be depressed.  This time I read it and was shocked by their feature-length article “From Trees to toilet Paper:  Canada’s Great Boreal Forest is Being Wiped Out.”  Pardon me, I never thought I’d be blogging about toilet paper but this information I felt should be shared.

The gist of the article is that to fuel  all our wiping and sneezing needs, the major suppliers of toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue suppliers are purchasing ALL forestry-960806_1920their content from virgin timber in the from the N. Boreal forests of Canada, the “lungs of N. America” Essentially they are wiping out a major ecosystem and contributing to climate change rather than investing in recycled content or alternatives such as bamboo and wheat straw.  About a million acres are logged a year for tissue and other disposable products.  Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly –Clark & Georgia Pacific thus far use ZERO recycled content.  Costco gets their tissue from the main suppliers.

This is one thing we can do to help climate change and the planet-  change your toilet tissue brand and make your voice be heard.  Yes, it is more expensive to buy 7th Generation or equivalent tissue, but investing in Mother Earth is worth it.  I think if all the products we used had labels listed their carbon footprints, we would all be more conscious consumers.

To read the full feature-length report online including a more detailed buying guide than the one below go here.  Contact COSTCO at  To make your voice heard to Procter and Gamble (1 minute of your time) go here.

Here’s a copy of my letter to Costco you can use:

Recently I became aware that your Kirkland brand toilet tissue and paper towels received an F grade in sustainability.  Kirkland facial tissues received a D.  The production of your tissue products as with all major manufacturers is having devastating effects on the Northern Boreal Forest.  I am switching to brands that are made mostly of recycled content.  As a major supplier of tissue, you have an obligation to be more environmentally conscious, set an example, and give consumers the option to buy sustainable products. I am sharing this information with friends, acquaintances. Please read more about the devastation that toilet paper production is having at



10 thoughts on “The Toilet Paper Times

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I thought we were all beyond this using virgin woodlands for paper, etc.
    I mean recycling has been mainstream for years and often decades in places.
    I’ve gotten more resigned towards the fact that I know my recyclables are being dumped in the ocean…I can’t do one thing about that but keep on recycling anyway – but at least changing brands of TP is something that I can do that has a direct affect here.
    Thank you for this info.
    Trees are our guardians against global warming…and they/we are losing the fight.

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  2. My father STILL carries a clean, white, ironed handkerchief in his pocket every day. We could stop using Kleenex and start a retro trend to carry hankies again. I’m serious! Retro trends are fun. A former colleague and I made it a trend in our office to wear broaches. It became a fun way to air out the old fashioned hand-me-downs in our jewelry boxes. I’m pretty sure I have some very pretty old-fashioned hankies around here somewhere.

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    1. My father did the same. He dried my tears as a little girl with his hanky (hey, there might be a poem there). So this got me thinking about the threadbare cotton nighties I tossed in the garbage last week. they would have made perfect hankies. Next time. Thanks for the inspiration! Too bad I got rid of my brooches.

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