The Art of Launching a Second Blog


Now, why would I want to do that to myself? Like building and maintaining a blog with almost weekly posts isn’t enough of a responsibility? The short answer is that I have more to say about an entirely different subject than this blog on my personal meanderings can handle. My new genre is on how to take action to preserve the health of the planet in the age of climate change and other environmental degradation.  This form of activism is by making small lifestyle changes.

I started chipping away on the concept of my new blog “One Sweet Earth” in late 2019 with the hopes of a New Year’s launch.  That was wishful thinking as I forgot how daunting building a new blog can be.  Selecting the right theme, how to build a menu with categories and pages is daunting enough without wrestling with WordPress’s new block editor.  Then there’s writing content and in this case illustrating it. A good portion of “One Sweet Earth” is in my sketchbook.

Greta Thunberg has been a huge inspiration for the launch of this blog.  I’ve been amazed at how such a diminutive teenager sparked a global movement on climate change just by her decision to sit on the steps of the Swedish capital building Friday after 330px-greta_thunberg_4Friday “striking’ from school.  She is like a modern-day Rosa Parks.

I too have been concerned about the environment since high school.  Like Greta, I feel like I need to do something and not disregard the voice in my ear any longer to take some action. Rather than sitting outside on steps with a sign about climate change, I am choosing to blog.

Climate change is the plague that’s been brewing for years.  It’s so huge that nobody wants to address it – just like the leaders in our United States have with the first outbreak of Coronavirus.  As a country, we have been caught totally unprepared. As with Corvid 19, our leaders will not save us as their priorities lay with short term economic gains. We all know that the results of this non-action have been catastrophic.  The richest country in the world not having enough masks or other essential equipment for medical personnel is shameful. In light of this situation, my mission is to have everyday citizens to start thinking about how we can start to change our habits now to avoid a total environmental collapse in the future.  Most think if they recycle and buy an electric car they are all good.  Sorry, not enough.  We’ve got to dig deep into our patterns of consumption and how they affect the natural world which our culture is so dangerously removed from.

In this time of sheltering at home, we have the luxury of time to start implementing sustainable habits that will also help us through this crisis. I welcome suggestions for lifestyle tips you have implemented, Please use the contact section on the new blog.  I hope you will join me on One Sweet Earth.  Posts will be short, one to two times a week and hopefully entertaining, with tips and newsy content that is also perfect for children. I hope to see you there.

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