The Art of Getting Out of Bed- COVID 19 Version

This is a rehash of a post from 2018 with some new modifications for the times…

monalisa-4893660_1920It shouldn’t be that difficult.  Most people open their eyes, pop out of bed, and voila!- on with their day.  For me, making the transition from Dreamtime to wakefulness is a sacred ritual.  This can sometimes take up to an hour. Even when I was working full-time I always allowed some time for this. Now with COVID 19 &  sheltering in place, there seem to be no people to be held accountable to, nor yoga or pool schedule to meet and no medical appointments.  Now I am left up to my own motivation.  It’s gotten to be more difficult not to be tempted to sleep in.

First step- avoid reading or listening to the news.  I fail to see the point of starting the day feeling depressed.  It’s curated to produce nightmares. (Plus, there is a dearth of good news to be had even though I know it exists.) My phone is in silent mode or better yet turned off.

Place my 15-year-old dog, Bandit on the bed.  He makes me smile.  Then have to free the  “wild img_2131hamsters” that populate my head and if I don’t get rid of them my day seems chaotic.  Essential to that process is to brew a cup of tea, heat up my “hottie” for my tight back, and do a quick meditation.

I spend a few minutes in my planner thinking about my goals for the day or week. I have been finding that scheduling joy into my day can really help to keep the lonely demons away.  Anything from reading a good book, walking the dog, gardening, phoning a friend, or watching a movie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  Then onto my journal where I may write anything that’s been lurking in my mind, a poem. Finally, I add a funny daily doodle in my planner for fun.

Now I am ready to transition from human being to more of a human doing with a foundation of centeredness that I hope to carry with me throughout my day.

Next step- remove body from bed and get to living in this simplified yet complicated world.



There is an awkward transition

From Dreamtime

To wakefulness

Where the nightly journey in my subconscious

Is interrupted when my eyes open with the morning light

I was on the loose in the netherworld of experiences and imagery

Free from my rational mind

My decisions made for me

By loose spirits that escaped my memory

And hungry ghosts that haunt my psyche

Now as I face the responsibilities of the day

The departure from my warm bed imminent

I sit up and try to make sense of everything

In the complex world before me

And list all the things

I need to do


4 thoughts on “The Art of Getting Out of Bed- COVID 19 Version

  1. I can so relate to you, Alanna. I got up at three this morning! Decided to do some blog reading of my virtual friends and I am so glad I did. I think your line, “Decisions made for me” sums it up. I have never been one to follow the rules much but now I am definitely following the stay-at-home, stay-safe rules. So I rattle around this house mostly, maybe go to the park across the street if it’s not raining. And I, too, watch movies in the middle of the day sometimes, especially those rainy days. Lovely post. It’s so good to know I am not alone in this. Thanks for the connection.

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    1. Ok..when I checked my phone this morning, what a surprise to get all this feedback. It means a lot to know that I have a kindred spirit as well.


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