The Darkest Time is Before the Dawn

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November 2016 when our current “Toddler in Chief” was elected president was a dark time for the United States. We have continued our plunge into more darkness since then. The only good thing that came out of it for me was that I started writing- copiusly. This blog was born soon after in January of 2017. I knew nothing about blogging but just started to blog because I had to. Some 412 followers later I went back to some of those original posts when I had no readers, let alone any followers.

These two poems still apply now, when George Floyd, a black citizen was brutally murdered by a police officer for no reason this last week. The resulting protests and violence is a symbol of our country having enough- of racism, inequality, Covid 19, and the policies of our 45th president. Out of the ashes comes new beginnings. Let’s hope it’s soon.


Roll Call

Would the good of mankind

Please raise your hands now?

Are you still in attendance?

All I hear in this cacophony of voices

Are the whistles of the greedy

The shouts of racists

The fervor of religious zealots

The chest beating of narcissists

& the cries of the oppressed.

I know you are there, somewhere

Interwoven in this dark fabric of society

Doing good deeds for others

In humble silence

All but shut out from the print

& the stage of the media

Dwarfed by noise

But not by stature

Hidden in the chaos.


After the Storm

After the storm

it all looks different

destruction is everywhere

and our hearts are broken.

Still our homes stand

in this rubble of democracy

The sun rises

continuing its journey across the sky

the wild birds

flittering about the feeder.


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4 thoughts on “The Darkest Time is Before the Dawn

  1. Hi Alanna,
    This is Peter, Raymond’s longtime friend in Encinitas. I just wanted to take a moment to mention that I appreciate the thoughtful, kind-hearted, and compassionate posts you write in your blog.
    During these most difficult times in so many ways, your comments are a source of optimism that there will indeed “be a better day” for all people as after this challenging period.
    Thank you,
    Peter Maxwell

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