As Oregon Burns

We are among the lucky. Thus far we have only lost power and internet service. There is a fire a few miles away but it seems to be holding. My heart goes out to those who have lost everything and the 500,00 who have had to undergo the stress of evacuations.

As Oregon Burns

A dry wind howls from the east

We extinguish the candles

 and do not sleep

As Oregon burns

A black cloud draws across the sky like a flat curtain

Led by the dark horses of the apocalypse

As Oregon burns

Smoke tumbles down the mountains

Leaving a fine layer of ash on the vegetables in my garden

As Oregon burns

Some evacuate

Some lose their homes

Some lose their towns

Some lose their lives

As Oregon burns

I gathered our things and place them by the door

Lest we be next

As Oregon burns

I mourn the loss

of sacred places

The innocence of summer

To forces beyond our control

As Oregon burns

Don’t tell me you don’t think climate change is real

the smoke moves in

Alanna also bogs about sustainable living at One Sweet Earth

12 thoughts on “As Oregon Burns

  1. This makes me sooo sad. Same thing is happening in Colorado, but we had a reprieve with some snow for a couple of days. Btw, I will be moving up there in a couple of years. I bought a home in Bend. Sending good vibes that way 💕💕


  2. Sorry to hear the fires are so close to you. Your poem about the fires is wonderful and emotional. The winds have blown more smoke our way and our air quality is in the “hazardous” category. Scary times.

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    1. Cathy,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I wonder about the “What we can do?” on a daily basis. These fires have spurred me on to new levels. Even though I try to set an example with my personal habits, in the big picture Climate Change is a political issue. Vote green right down to the local level. Donate to campaigns and to pro environmental lobbies such as my favorite , the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC). They have have defeated 90% of Trumps anti-environment shenanagins in court. Read Jane Fondas new book “What Can I Do”? I reviewed it (sort of) on my sustainbility blog here I am an email acitvist on several environmental websites including NRDC and Oregon Wild. Write letters- there is power in the pen. I just signed up at an organization decicated to fighting climate change. the more individuals take action, the more we can facilitate change. It’s so much better than feeling helpless. Look at Greta Thunberg! One person can have such great power.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Cathy. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to be housebound from all the smoke let alone Covid! We’re just getting through this day by day and hoping for brighter days to come


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