The Garden Gazette

This is my alternative news outlet lately…

The Garden Gazette

Off with the news

out to the garden

plenty of good tidings to report there

The red of ripe tomatoes

peeking from a tangle of foliage

zucchini lurking like green submarines

below the surface of splaying leaves

a raspberry to pluck here and there

the green beans are longer than yesterday

maybe tomorrow for dinner?

dangling cucumbers play hide and seek

eluding my grasp

the sunflowers have opened their cheery faces

to the delight of probing bumblebees

the eggplants are ready to pick!

This is a better way to begin one’s day

in the company of bees

to the whirr of hummingbird’s wings

to the gifts of my labors

the earth brings forth

5 thoughts on “The Garden Gazette

  1. Love this poem, Alanna! It’s what I’ve done. Taken all News apps off my phone. Hiking around the hills in my neighborhood, doing Zumba and hitting the beach.

    Miss you and Raymond. Sorry I’m not going to see you next month, but am happy about spending Troms with Gareth and Felicia abs meeting their new pooch!

    Love you! Ma

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  2. Such a great title, Alanna, and yes! Seeking out the good tidings we can find – flowers, bees, harvest. They help so much with the other kinds of tidings that creep in even when we try to shut off all of our devices. Thank you for this. I’ve shared it with friends. Thanks for keeping your words and art in front of us.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Sarah. It was one of those mornings where I was saying to myself “why bother”? But now I know it is good to bother. Thanks for reminding me!🙏


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