Four months after being diagnosed with heart/lung cancer my husband’s daughter and my stepdaughter, Heather died peacefully last night in the hospital surrounded by family and friends. A beautiful young woman living the peak of her dreams. She is missed.

Heather and her husband Jerald
She is gone now
After she took her last breath
we exhaled deeply
bearing the pain of loss as her pain is no more

Our loved ones are like trees
they grow providing shelter and food for our souls
and when they fall they leave an empty space in our hearts
Yet in this very space is light
so their seeds planted within us will flourish
with the memories, stories, and lessons
that they have left behind in their wake

We hold our sadness close
continuing our journeys as better people

In memory of Heather Ann Woltz Winfrey

July 24, 1984 – October 27, 2022

Age 38

Daughter, step-daughter, wife, sister, and friend to many

Heather welding with her Dad

17 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. I love you Heather! Sending Love to you and everyone surrounding you! Thank you for teaching us how to make hula hoops and for always being a light for every gathering event attended. Grateful! I will never forget you!!! โค๏ธ

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  2. My Heart goes out to you and Raymond. Heather is a light burning bright. Love is eternal so this great love she gave us lives on in our being. We carry her with us. To all who love her, my heart joins with you in this time of loss.


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