Meet Mars

After our sweet 17-year-old Bandit the red heeler passed two years ago, we thought a break from dog care, especially that of the elder type, would do us good.  I was hoping our cats would fill the void and miraculously become lap cats, but they had other plans and demanded to be outdoor kitties no matter how much I tried to convince them otherwise.

Then come 2022 with all our personal losses, there was a wide void that needed to be filled.   I decided two years without a dog is enough.  I began a search in earnest online, Petfinder, Craigslist, and dog rescues.  Requirements- no puppies, already trained, no “fixer-uppers.” (been there, done that.)  I needed a ready-made companion that would help get me out of the house.  Finally, after several months enter Mars, a Craigslist pooch a gorgeous male half-cattle dog and half-husky or German shepherd.  His 2nd owner was moving to Maui and his first owner moved to France.  I on the other hand was settled and not budging from my home in Oregon of 30 years


Mars was a gift. He fit into our lives like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle with a soft satisfying snap. Mars adores going on walks, playing ball, cuddling, and being our guy. It’s amazing how much a dog can offer to one’s life.  He has brought the two of us so much happiness. Meet Mars…

Artwork, video, & home photos by the author. Beach photos by Twee Ngyuen.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Mars

  1. Congratulations on this new addition to your family. He seems to have settled in quite well. We had two elder cats and decided that they would be our last cats. Then a friend went to the hospital and we fostered her cat, Jack for a month or so. Then she got the diagnosis of terminal cancer and with no family began to search for a permanent home for Jack. Well, we’d fallen in love with him by then so of course we adopted him. He, too, is with his third owner now. And has integrated himself into our lives. The two elder cats died so he is our only cat now. Just this last week (he’s been here almost two years now) he started being a lap cat. He makes couch snuggling to watch tv in the evenings so much more pleasant.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with Mars. 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it great how are pets can add so much in our lives? Congratulations on Jack becoming a lap cat. There’s nothing like a sweet kitty purring on your lap! I still want a lap kitty, but I’d have to start out with a kitten with Mars as he chases the outside kitties cause they run!


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