The Notion of Time

I have been thinking a lot about time lately.  In the mirror, I see a mop of gray hair on a much older face than what I started out with.  This August I will turn 70.  Really?  Where did all the time go?  Time flies quicker than the wind these days but as a child, a year was forever.  Time is often a notion of perception, yet it can be measured precisely…

Here is a peom I wrote about time

Time is an Ocean of Moments

Time is an ocean of moments

the blink of an eye

Time is the circular path of a clock

the arc of the sun across the sky

the phases of the moon

the ebb and flow of the the tides

Time is the growth of a child

the passing of a loved one

Time is memories

As time gallops across the universe

I grip its mane tightly

A take on time from Mathias Svalina of the Dream Delivery Service

Poem and drawing by the author

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