as-mug-2I am a person that makes art, music, and found writing as a pastime later in life.  My preference was comfortable anonymity until I received enough “angel bombs” on my head that convinced me to start sharing my work & nuggets of wisdom I have gained on my creative journey. Hopefully, I can help other “travelers”  as it is not always an easy road to follow. There have been plenty of writers who have helped me,  As I am now retired from teaching middle school I have the time to give back as well as indulge in my passions.

A pleasant surprise, blogging has also stimulated other fascinations.  As a result, you will also find photography, poetry & other treasures I find interesting to share on my blog as well.

My home is an old farmhouse in the wine country of rural Oregon, about an hour from Portland. My companions are a wonderful man & my dog, Bandit.  I love my country life and exploring Oregon on foot, in a kayak & on cross-country skis.  In the summer I have a big organic garden. Then there are those thrift stores to explore for treasures…

Though I enjoy many creative pursuits, playing the bodhran (the Irish drum) and tenor guitar, singing in a women’s choir, writing poetry & making art take the majority of my time at the moment.  Here’s where you can see my work:


Instagram Artisan Airplants

Instagram Mixed Media


I also blog about sustainable living at One Sweet Earth

I welcome your constructive comments.