Weekly Photo Challenge “In the Earth there is Shelter”

Chaco 1These photos were shot in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.  Chaco Canyon was an ancient spiritual gathering site for tribes in the Southwestern US.  I was struck by how integrated these ancient people were with the earth, to the point their very shelter was made of bricks and stones from the ground beneath their feet.

Chaco 3Chaco LizardChaco 2

Chaco 4


Security Comes in a Box – Weekly photo challenge

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of security was my cat, Emmy (rest in peace) who would spend her days sleeping in a box on the washing machine.  She especially liked the spin cycle- kind of like “magic fingers.”  I would come in and her ears would be vibrating.  The box was her security- she was mine.

Emmy in a box
Emmy circa 1999