What One Can Learn From an Octopus…

I watched an incredible movie last night- truly such a piece of art in so many ways I thought I would try to spread the word. The movie is called “My Octopus Teacher,” available for streaming on Netflix.

Here’s a summary courtesy Wikipedia:

My Octopus Teacher takes viewers into a world few humans have ever seen. In 2010, debilitated by adrenal fatigue, Craig began free diving in a freezing underwater forest at the tip of Africa. As the icy water re-energised him, he started to film his experiences and in time, a curious young octopus captured his attention. By visiting her den and tracking her movements everyday for months, he won the animal’s trust and they developed an unlikely relationship.

As the little octopus shared the secrets of her world, Craig became first witness to the beauty and drama of a wild creature’s life and in the process, underwent an incredible mental and physical transformation.”

Everything about this movie was stunning, the cinematography, the story, the narration, the octopus. It was like watching poetry. It made me ask the question, are we humans smarter than an octopus?

If you want a break from the ugliness of the world right now, this is a great movie to watch.

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Cheering on RBG


330px-ruth_bader_ginsburg_2016_portraitThere is nothing like hearing about an honest hero these days. It seems like we are in a short supply of role models from the top down. If you want one, take a look at the picture of the Supreme Court Justices. On the bottom second from the right sits a diminutive, soft-spoken older lady.  That’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg age 86. Don’t be fooled by her looks. She’s a powerhouse

Last week I watched RBG, the documentary (available on Netflix disk).  I knew she was a liberal vote on the court but had absolutely no idea that she legally orchestrated women’s’ rights and equal rights in this country after overcoming tremendous discrimination in her own career.  This movie tells the story of her life from childhood up through her roll on the Supreme Court being after being nominated as a justice by President Bill Clinton.

Ginsburg was one of the first women to enter Harvard Law School. She was one of the rbgeight women among 500 students and was told by the dean they were taking the place of qualified males. Even after graduating from the top of her class, she could not find a job because of her gender. With the help of her supportive husband, she persisted, raised two children and ultimately rose to the Supreme Court. She continues her hard work to this day sleeping only a few hours a night. Ginsburg has also survived cancer twice and follows a rigorous workout twice a week with her personal trainer. RBG has also become sort of a pop icon for her famous dissenting opinions on the Supreme Court becoming known as “The Notorious RBG.”

RBG the documentary is truly inspirational.  I highly suggest you watch it if you haven’t already.  Learning about her life gives hope and offers a welcome reprieve from the current events.

rbg sticker