Awakening My Inner Gardener

IMG_0433It seems like just yesterday I was pulling out spent tomato plants & putting the garden tools away for the winter.  But here we are again- Spring and my inner gardener is awakened again.

They arrive like expected guests
In the days after the New Year
A steady parade of seed catalogs
All shapes and sizes
From varying corners of the country
Filled with beckoning colored photographs
Of fruit, vegetable, & bloom waiting to fill the garden
Ready to awaken the winter-weary to a fresh frame of mind
The possibilities of the planting season.

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Weekly Photo Challenge- DENSE “A Good Harvest”

Garden Basket1
Heirloom tomatoes, basil & cosmos
Garden Basket3
Italian green beans & yellow French beans
Garden Basket2.2
Kale, beets, parsley, basil, & lemon cucumbers